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Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back
A No Choice Films / 50-50 Films Production
Directed By Braden King and Laura Moya
Original Soundtrack by the Boxhead Ensemble

Braden King, Laura Moya, NO CHOICE Film Production and 50-50 Productions are pleased to announce that Plexifilm, a New York-based independent DVD label and film production company, will be releasing Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back on DVD in June, 2003.

The disc will feature a new digital transfer of the film, a digitally re-mastered soundtrack, and various extras, offering the complete story of the production of the film and its critically-acclaimed soundtrack by the Boxhead Ensemble. Additional information on the film's international film screening and live performance tours will also be included.

The VHS version of the film, its soundtrack and all current Boxhead Ensemble CD releases will continue to be available from Atavistic.

About the film:

Dutch Harbor, located on Unalaska Island in the Aleutian Chain, has long been considered untamed territory... as far west as one could go, a place comprised of the harshest elements and hardy fishermen, with only the most minimal law & order. Now, however, Dutch Harbor is a community in transition; one of the last true bastions of frontierism is becoming civilized by encroaching commercialization. Through personal narratives and beautifully stark imagery, filmmakers Braden King and Laura Moya capture the essence of life in "the last place to go" in their film Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back. Set to an original score by the Boxhead Ensemble (featuring Michael Krassner, Doug McCombs, Joe Ferguson, David Grubbs, Jim O'Rourke, Rick Rizzo, David Pavkovic, Ken Vandermark, Charles Kim, and Will Oldham), Dutch Harbor screened across the US and Europe as the result of a revolutionary series of worldwide tours accompanied by live soundtrack performances by the Boxhead Ensemble. The group, which was formed specifically for this film score, has gone on to release four CDs with varying lineups.

"Though the documentary suggests the insidious effect of commercialization on the port city and its hardy citizens, King and Moya don't make any judgements. Instead, their approach is highly lyrical and metaphorical, which is why the soundtrack is so critical to setting the movie's tone. Rarely has the relationship between sound and image been so deeply explored." - Chicago Tribune

"The film is bereft of 'talking head' shots normally found in documentaries. It's less didactic -- a constant stream of stark, grainy, nearly black-and-silver shots in 16mm and blown up super-8. The result is entrancing." - Phildelphia City Paper

About Plexifilm:

Plexifilm has established itself as the premiere DVD label for independent features, with upcoming releases including Sam Jones' film about the band Wilco, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (currently in cinemas), John Palmer and David Weisman's cult classic Ciao! Manhattan starring Edie Sedgwick, Jem Cohen and Pete Sillen's Benjamin Smoke, Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant's Style Wars, and Gus Van Sant's Mala Noche, among others.


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